The Licencing Opportunity

Excitingly, we are now growing our team and on boarding aspiring Coaches & Trainers to become licensed in the Mindspan principles. Whether you’re looking for full time or part time opportunities, we offer flexible solutions to suit you. There are 3 tiers, each designed for you to progress or specialise at your chosen level.



This introductory level is designed to support individual clients across all sectors.

A Mindspan Coach is trained in our methodology and able to apply to their chosen field of expertise.

This can be a full or part time opportunity for you as the model is flexible and at a fixed cost, so it can compliment other commitments or passions you may have.


At this level you will be able to train groups of individuals as part of a wider programme, this may be as training days or over a much longer programme of study.

These groups might be a collective with shared professional goals (i.e. a department or team of a business) or they could all be at the same stage of their professional journey.


This is invitational level is for established Mindspan Coaches and Trainers who will now train the next generation of the Mindspan network.

These could be sessions delivered at induction, training events and conferences.

Mindspan Masters will also deliver on national contracts for our central team.

Flexible Opportunities:
Whether you want to do this full-time, part time, or as an extension of your current role, we offer a flexible service that is right for you.

Be Part of A Team:
When you join our licensee programme, you’re part of the Mindspan family! We work hard to maintain a strong and supportive network for our coaches & trainers.

Development & Support:
Following your license training, we host regular monthly, quarterly & annual developmental events to make sure you’re always growing & learning.

Bespoke IP & Tools:
As a fully licensed Mindspan Coach or Trainer, you have access to all our Intellectual Property & psychometric tools that cannot be found anywhere else!

As a Licensee, you’ll need to make an up-front financial investment of £1,500 to fund your training.

Once signed off, there is a monthly recurring license fee for 3 years (price varies depending on level).

Before starting, you’ll go through a comprehensive Mindspan training which includes the Mindspan content, Coach training, CBT module & business support.

You’ll have the benefit of marketing and branding too.

Passion, personality, a love of people, and a desire to help others grow.
Mindspan Licensees come from a diverse range of personal and professional backgrounds, but these are a few qualities they all share.


Over the years Mindspan has made plenty of mistakes, this is good for you because in making those mistakes we have learned, tested, corrected, tweaked, altered, scrapped completely, refined and received feedback on, all our Mindspan content and systems. You won’t have to make the mistakes we did, saving you money, you may not have and time, you can spend elsewhere. 

Smaller Overheads

Building digital infrastructure is costly, firstly to set up but secondly to maintain and develop. We have developed our infrastructure to be scalable and leveraged the fact we have a team of Mindspan coaches & trainers all using our systems at the same time. Licencing allows you to access those systems but at a fraction of the cost of being a sole user. 

Support from people who have either done what you are going to do or on the same path as you… 

Of course, you can access all kinds of support if you build a business alone, but will it be specific to the industry, will they understand the nuances, have they worked with your target audience? As part of our team at Mindspan you will be supported by people who not only understand our industry but have built successful businesses in that industry and with peer-to-peer support, you’ll have other coaches & trainers on the same journey you are. 

A recognisable brand…  

Building a brand takes time, effort and money, with licencing you use our brand from day one. It’s all there packaged up on your digital profile, marketing materials and content When customers search for our brand, it has presence and provenance, that took years to create. If you want to use it as part of a portfolio of services or even have it sit under another brand, we are comfortable with that, as it’s important our brand works for you and doesn’t confuse your client(s). 

The power of marketing… 

You benefit from not only your marketing efforts but from everybody’s in the Mindspan network including our brand building campaigns at head office. By building our social media accounts centrally content has an audience of thousands, that you can leverage. 

Programme & content development…  

We develop programmes and content, so you don’t have to. That doesn’t mean we don’t include you in the process, as your feedback delivering and from clients is critical in meeting their needs for tomorrow and beyond. Our Mindspan triad is the foundation of all our content, but we add to this every year, writing and developing, with our latest programme Mindspan education for children. 


Licensing packages start at £1,495 + VAT for our licensed coach programme and £4,995 + VAT for our licenced trainer programme. 

Once training has been completed and all post work signed off, there is an annual support fee (that can be paid monthly) for each year of our agreement.

Our licence agreements are awarded on a three-year term, with conditional rights of renewal for both parties. 

We have financial modelling that we will prepare together as part of our business planning process, this is personalised to your target audience. For coaching clients this is generally forecast as a monthly retainer and trainer clients as day rates relevant to the target industry. 

The other investment will of course be your time, with dedicated commitment to your training and personal development thereafter. Practise what we preach! 

What We’re Looking For…

Passion ✅ 

Personality ✅ 

A love of people ✅ 

Desire to help others grow ✅ 

An appetite for self-development ✅ 

Our Mindspan coach & trainer network come from a diverse range of personal and professional backgrounds. Some have experience coaching or delivering training to groups, and some had never done it before. Some have experience growing a business, and some have always been employed. Some didn’t think they could do it and proved themselves wrong.  Where you have come from isn’t important, but where you want to get to, is, and we will support you to get there. We will not do it for you, and it isn’t always easy, but we will help you.  We will expect you to not just talk the talk but immerse YOURSELF first in our Mindspan principles and methodologies. There is no faster way to lose credibility than personally not implementing what we teach and from your very first day of training we encourage you to do this.  Alignment to our Core Values is important, but of course these will mean different things to different people, what do they mean to you?

Support people to improve their THINKING and improve their LIVES 

You too can be at forefront of mindset, attitude and psychological development coaching and training, supporting individuals and organisations to enhance their performance by demonstrating the fundamental link between psychology and success.