The uk Coaching & Training market

It is estimated that the UK coaching market is worth between £9-£10 billion and a supplementary training market worth between £600 to £700 million. Now that’s a lot of coaching and training!  Of course, these are huge markets, and they are extremely broad in their construction, coaching for example can mean entirely different things for the worlds of business, sport, and education alone. 

Globally it is estimated that the personal development industry is worth £30 billion with £60 million of that coming from the UK. Again, this would span across all sectors and is accessible by all individuals from reading a book to attending a course.  One of the key things we do with all our new coaches and trainers, is take the time to understand and plan how you will focus on your niche within these markets. Our Mindspan principles and methodologies can and do help all types of people, positively affect their lives, but crucially we know you cannot grow your business by targeting EVERYONE. 

We have coaches who work with HR professionals, business start up’s, sports professionals, females, children, IT developers, businesses in hospitality, retail, and finance. Everybody starts with a niche; this could be where you have expertise, a passion, or previous customers from your current or previous career.   And… as you aren’t defined by a geographical area within the UK, it turns out that some of these niches are actually pretty big!