What our licencees Say

Don’t just take our word for it, hear what our current licencees have to say about their experience about being part of the Mindspan team.

I found Mindspan last year (2021) when I wanted to formalise my coaching experience.

The link between peak performance and psychology was a winning combination given the HR arena I specialise in.

What a discovery!

Gavin Drake, the founder of Mindspan, brings his wealth of knowledge and experience in a programme that is challenging, rewarding and forward thinking.  I feel very privileged to be part of this elite community and to be able to offer my learnings and the Mindspan tools and techniques to my customers fills me with such joy and hope as I know how powerful and life changing this is.

The additional support around running a business has been amazing also. Gavin’s 2 right hand people – Steve and Emily offer this wisdom from their worlds of running their own businesses and give really practical advice around what works.  We meet monthly to discuss our plans and successes, being coached ourselves!

An added benefit which I hadn’t anticipated is the wider community of other Mindspan coaches and trainers. Everyone has been very welcoming, always there to share ideas and listen. There are lots of developments that the business is working on around technology and how that can compliment and enhance how things are done today which is really exciting. It was the best decision I made to start 2022 with the training to become a licensed coach and I am so looking forward to moving on to become a licensed trainer very soon.

Pam Molyneux

Licenced Mindspan Coach