Where it all began…

What do you get when you cross a ‘positively’ frustrated business owner, his daughter with a degree in marketing and some bloke he vaguely remembers from a Mindspan course fifteen years ago who knows a little bit about franchising? 

The answer… Mindspan Licensing

Why was he ‘positively’ frustrated and not just frustrated? Well, that’s easy because for over 20 years Gavin Drake owner of Mindspan has lived what he teaches to thousands of people every year, so if you are going to get frustrated you better own it and you better do something about it. 

During his two decades of being at the forefront of mindset, attitude, and psychological development training he knows the impact of exploring the Mindspan competencies can have on all people, from all walks of life. Getting careers back on track, helping executives find their purpose, our emergency services deal with stress, children developing their aspirations, golfers with the yips, and dealing with life’s dips, the breath of Mindspan’s reach is truly limitless.  

So, does Gavin not enjoy this? Oh, he absolutely loves it, but that is where the ‘positive’ frustration was coming from, there is only one of him! So, enthused by the impact of what Mindspan can do for others, the nagging questions of how can we do more? Deliver more? Impact more? Churned over and over. He had tried previously with other methods and had had some success and some failures, but the search for the Mindspan holy grail had alluded him. 

Gavin Drake
Managing Director

Steve Eastaugh
Operations Director

Emily Drake
Marketing Director

In March 2020 after a coffee with a former Mindspan delegate Steve Eastaugh and the realisation from daughter Emily Drake that the years of Mindspan inspired parenting had led her to this point, Mindspan Licencing was born.  Born in a pandemic, the team would have to use all their Mindspan principles to stay on track, with flexibility in an ever-changing landscape.  

Two years on and the network has grown to sixteen, sixteen highly motivated Mindspan coaches and trainers, impacting hundreds of people in their own communities. Sixteen people who as they grow, empower others to explore, challenge, change and evolve how and what they think.  How is Gavin now? He remains ‘positively’ frustrated, we can do more, can you? 

Support people to improve their THINKING and improve their LIVES 

You too can be at forefront of mindset, attitude and psychological development coaching and training, supporting individuals and organisations to enhance their performance by demonstrating the fundamental link between psychology and success.