Our Training & Support


We offer comprehensive training packages for both our coach and trainer licensing programmes. If you are wanting to get to trainer level, then everybody must first start with our coach training.  All our training is derived from theory but is delivered and presented in a way to have maximum impact on our clients, with a set of tools and methods that bring the competencies to life. 


After some pre course reading, you will spend 3 full days with our founder Gavin Drake discovering our Mindspan competencies and our coaching methodologies. You will be given access to our digital tools and be asked to first use them on yourself, before conducting a coaching assignment as course work. 


Our blended learning approach will let you engage in audio, visual and written content, with seminars, peer learning and tutoring over a 4-to-6-month period. Crucially we take time to work on not only your competency but also your confidence with our materials across every competency module. This can take some individuals longer to move through, but ensures that when you have completed training, you are ready to deliver to groups of clients. 


We are fully committed to growing and developing our resources for you to access through our digital learner management system, allowing you to provide your clients with an impactful experience every time you work with them. 

Where It Starts…

We start our support with you before training has even begun! You have full access to our operations and marketing directors to help you plan your new business venture. We spend time to get this right, so that you can fully immerse yourself in training, not worry how you will apply it and to whom. 

Post Training…

Once trained, you are part of the Mindspan team. We work hard to maintain a strong and supportive network for our coaches & trainers. This offers up lots of opportunities for peer support and collaboration. 

Regular Sessions…

Naturally as experts in personal development we host regular monthly, quarterly & annual developmental events to make sure you’re always growing & learning. Our focus here is always on two themes, support that helps grow your business, ON your business and support that helps grow you as a coach & trainer, IN your business. 

Support people to improve their THINKING and improve their LIVES 

You too can be at forefront of mindset, attitude and psychological development coaching and training, supporting individuals and organisations to enhance their performance by demonstrating the fundamental link between psychology and success.